High-Impact Campaigns for an Expanding Privately-Held Company

Advertising to Reach New Heights

Serious News.  Smart Delivery. This tagline was developed for a Canadian high-tech firm as we were expanding into the US market. It quickly anchored an aggressive marketing effort which included ad placement in the Wall Street Journal and the National Real Estate Investor publication.

As the creator of the elevator-based, media-deployment concept, ENN quickly established itself as an innovator. Soon after entering the US marketing, it became an acquisition target by another US firm. The competitor, who had launched a similar concept in the previously unchallenged space of elevator news and media broadcasting, also gained traction in a rapidly expanding niche. 

Quick wins and accelerated growth achieved by leveraging an integrated marketing plan, paved the way for ENN’s early success in the US. Ultimately, the company was able to recognize a significant financial gain in its sale to Captivate who is now owned by Gannett.

Planning and Measurement.  While it’s not quite as sexy to talk about when compared to looking at creative, there are many ways to evaluate advertising and marketing opportunities whether they appear online or through broadcast media such as television or in print.  A solid evaluation looks at all possible exposure metrics across outlets and mediums to ensure the greatest return on the investment.  The excerpt from the plan below was developed after careful assessment of all print and online ad variables such as reach, cost per exposure units,  and ad intent. The impact was measured via recall surveys and through the company’s client advisory councils.

Juli Bark Marketing Plans Advertising Computershare

Transcending Channels

Fundamentals: While social media has claimed the spotlight amongst marketing channels, the importance of executing good messaging fundamentals can’t be ignored. In developing an ad series for this multi-billion dollar financial services firm, emphasizing the value of our personal/relationship-focused approach connected well with our audience. The key to success is knowing your audience, your avatar, your buyer’s persona, your customer. By internalizing the qualitative and quantitative information, both organic and acquisition growth remained in the double digits and our customer satisfaction scores remained above 98%. We also maintained exceptionally high shareholder satisfactions scores – representing how well we served the customer of our customers.