“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

                                                                     – Bette Midler

Tools for the ePreneur

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I was always one of those kids who wanted to know everything about everything. What is moss? Why do clouds never look exactly the same? How is it that combining yellow and blue makes green?

To this day, I have an insatiable curiosity about the world and have channeled that trait into my work as an executive marketing leader – in the healthcare, biotech, med device, software, eCommerce and financial services industries.


I never rest on my laurels and continuously pursue new ways to drive greater value – for customers, for employees, for shareholders, for investors. This approach has led to significant accomplishments as well as lessons that can only come from “stubbing my toe” on more than one occasion.

Here’s what I have learned along the way:


I can:

• Build in-house marketing agencies while facilitating growth through 25 acquisitions within $1.5B publicly-traded companies.

• Double revenue from $750K to $1.5M at a single on-site event by deploying and leveraging digital marketing activation plans that drive results.

• Reset underperforming assets such as an eyecare eCommerce business by creating focus and properly managing P&Ls to move from unprofitable to profitable in less than 6 months.


I can:

• Lead and inspire teams to execute create and deliver high-impact, integrated digital campaigns that make a mark on the industry as I did when Proxy Reform was underway in the financial services industry.

• Inspire individual team members to reach their full potential through coaching and mentorship resulting in 65% of direct reports moving to higher levels of responsibility to include the c-Suite.


I can:

• Maneuver complicated, global business environments to lead and impact brand strategies that stand the test of time like that of a $1.5B financial services firm, a leading chef apparel company, and an emerging medical technology company that was funded by multi-billion dollar organizations.

And while I’m not a “digital native,” I am digitally savvy. I have 11 digital marketing certifications under my belt, built my own WordPress site, personally executed product launches on Amazon, and spent more than the cost of my Kellogg graduate education to learn and master new marketing technologies (such as ClickFunnels) for commercial growth acceleration.

Next up? Landing my next CMO role, working with amazing clients, investing in businesses, working on passion projects such as photography and realizing my goal to be a Top Voice on LinkedIn.

One thing’s for sure, I’ll never stop learning.

What’s on your list?